Product Code: DV8NUB

The DV8 Nub waterproof

The DV8 Nub is hollow, it is waterproof.  It can store batteries such as AA - AAA and CR123 (17mm dia x 33.4mm long) style.  The Nub comes with foam inserts so that the battery does not discharge.

3-5/16” long as supplied. (Cap, base and two inserts.)  1-5/16” to 2-5/16” and additional 1” segments can be added.  1.0” OD and .75” ID Foam is .76”OD x .25” thick.  O-rings protect the contents from water ingress.  As delivered the inside length is 1.25”  with base and cap only. 

What you get:  Attachment base, Two 1” segments, End cap and attachment hardware (specify M-Lok)
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