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Hand Position
Hardware Attachment

Paper City handguards are engineered to improve shooter stability, help you maintain better control over your AR-15 and make your gun more user friendly.

Several design elements do this for you. A smaller central diameter fits smaller and gloved hands. Scalloped features along the length fit your grip. With better finger control your shooting stance is steadier and can be held longer.

Many users choose the thumb over grip. This style is easier to achieve and hold.

Your PCF handguard is also designed to work with your other accessories. For example, the smaller handguard diameter permits large objective lens scopes to be set lower to the gun and closer to the barrel. Attachment methods are at the 3,6 and 9 o'clock positions

Inner Dimension is 1.34"

What you get:  Handguard, barrel nut and hardware.
Data Sheet
Product Length: 10.2500 in
Product Diameter: 1.7700 in
Product Weight: 10.7000 oz
Units in box: 1
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